Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The New Iraqi Dinar

Starting October 15th 2003 a new Iraqi currency known as the 'new Iraqi dinar' began to replace the 'old Iraqi dinar', and the currency used in the North of Iraq, the 'swiss Iraqi dinar'. The new Iraqi dinar created a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq. Since the production of the new Iraq dinar, the international demand for the new Iraqi dinar has continued to rise.

Why buy Iraqi Dinar?

Iraq's position as the second largest oil reserve holder in the world, with 95 percent of Iraq's revenue coming from exported oil. Even in the midst of chaos, scandals and physical violence, the Iraqi dinar has managed to appreciate by 25 percent in value. The "all-time low" of the Iraqi dinar appeals to sophisticated investors. Many Investors are aware that they are buying the Iraqi dinar at a postwar level; therefore, it has captivated a broader spectrum. Anyone can afford buying the dinars, regardless if they are big or small investors.

Many are speculating that the New Iraqi Dinar could make them millions within the next few years! Right now, you can buy a Million Dinar for as little as 870 US Dollars! Investors are speculating that once the Dinar hit’s the open market and the value of the Iraqi Dinar increases to that of the dollar, they will be millionaires!

Info - Iraqi Dinar

The old dinars with the picture of Suddam are not the money you want to purchase and invest in. It's the new Iraqi Dinar issued by the Central Bank of Iraqi on October 15, 2003 that investors are buying. Dinar denominations of 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10000, & 25000 are available.

Iraqi Dinar security features

Further encouraging the Iraqi dinar demand are the note's security features: watermarks, metallic inks, safety strip, color changing symbol, raised lettering and writing that is only visible in ultra violet light. When there is confidence in any currency, stability and growth are the next to follow. Today's Exchange Rate 1 USD = 1471 IQD. There are doubts whether its legal to buy foreign notes in Malaysia but some websites stated they have shipped hundreds of packages to Malaysia successfully.